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To view and download a PDF version of Next Travel's complete Sustainability Policy, please click here.


We at Next Travel are committed to promote and provide environmentally
friendly activities and aim for the sustainable options in all our actions. In the
end of 2019 we received the Travelife Partner recognition for our actions towards sustainability. Travelife follows a three-stage approach: (1) Travelife Engaged (become an official member), (2) Travelife Partner (award), (3) Travelife Certified (certification).
The Travelife Partner award is a recognition of our commitment towards social and environmental sustainability. We are complying, based on a verified self-assessment to more than 100 criteria related to sustainability management, office operations, working with suppliers and customer communication. We are working towards further improvements aiming to eventually reach the third party audited Travelife Certified stage in year 2021.
We believe that a happy customer stems from a happy employee. In order for our customers to receive the highest quality service and a positive experience, we ensure that all our employees feel happy and safe in their working environments. We host events and group tours for our team members to get to know each other, feel comfortable at work and to learn more about the industry and how we operate as a company.
Our Project Managers are responsible for innovating and organising a variety of tour and incentive programs. During this process, they plan for and cater to all of our customers' needs, such as special dietary requirements. To increase public awareness of societal issues, we provide tour activities that give our customers an avenue to make a beneficial difference. One such tour includes a trip to an animal shelter to provide food for the animals.
Additionally, we support various organisations that focus on improving child welfare and medical research.
We promote environmentally friendly activities and offer a myriad of excursion programs that minimise the impact on our precious environment, including walking and food tours, reindeer safaris, canoeing, kayaking and culture walks. Furthermore, we ensure all rubbish and waste is disposed of responsibly and we remain on the designated tracks during our nature walks to preserve the environment and to not disturb the local wildlife.
We are proud to be associated with our tourism affiliates and cruise partners that also make an effort towards CSR and sustainable tourism, such as reducing CO2 emissions, reducing water waste and eliminating plastics. Additionally, we do what we can to reduce our environmental impact in the office, too! We make an effort to use energy efficient bulbs and switches, recycle metal, cardboard and plastic, and use EU Ecolabel paper products.
Taking steps to minimise our impact on the environment, providing a safe and enjoyable workplace, and promoting the health and well-being of our team members, customers and the general public is very important to us. We are always looking to improve our services and widen our social and environmental responsibilities.
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