Asiakastyytyväisyys on meille Next Travelilla tärkeää. Pyrimme ylittämään asiakkaidemme odotukset tarjoamalla innovatiivisia, korkealuokkaisia ja unohtumattomia elämyksiä. Arvostamme saamaamme palautetta ja olemme aina valmiita kehittämään toimintaamme tarpeen mukaan palautteiden perusteella.
Alla on kongressireferenssimme sekä joitakin kansainvälisiltä asiakkailta saamiamme palautteita palveluistamme.


  • Terveystaloustieteen päivä



  • Terveystaloustieteen päivä

  • EFUF 2018



  • Terveystaloustieteen päivä

  • The 30th Annual Symposium of the ESVN-ECVN



  • Terveystaloustieteen päivä


  • Terveystaloustieteen päivä

  • TS-Forum


  • OECD Public Governance Ministerial Meeting

  • SCANCOS-konferenssi


  • The 16th International Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy ICNCT-16

  • One BSR project - EU-hankkeen loppukonferenssi

  • Hands On Biobanks conference - HOBB 2014



  • NAV-konferenssi

  • Scandinavian Sarcoma Conference



  • Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) & World Nuclear Association (WNA)

Asiakkaidemme palautteita:
Tammikuu 2019 | Incentive Group
"We all agreed that it was a wonderful trip and we are happy with all we got to see and experience. The guide was fantastic and the food exciting. We are all happy and want to go back in the summer".
Joulukuu 2018 | Tour Group
"Many thanks; they had a great trip as always! They are looking forward to next time!"
Heinäkuu 2018 | Congress Delegates
"We enjoyed our time in Helsinki immensely and the hotel was fabulous".
Heinäkuu 2018 | Event Group
"Our guide in Tallinn was outstanding! He was very knowledgeable, personable and entertaining. Our cruise host for that day also did an excellent job. The desk staff at the hotel were extremely helpful. In particular, they helped us arrange our own trip to Suomenlinna when the scheduled tour was filled. Overall, a very enjoyable Helsinki experience!"
Heinäkuu 2018 | Tour Group
"A great way to see a little bit of this corner of the world. The tour of Helsinki was enjoyable and our guide was very polite and informative".
Heinäkuu 2018 | Cruise Group
"Our assistant guide was very knowledgeable, very personable and effective".
Kesäkuu 2018 | Cruise Group
"Thank you for making a quality program for our top client".
Toukokuu 2018 | Tour Group
"Helsinki is a beautiful, clean, walkable city.  We had been in the city prior to this trip and were happy to revisit".
Toukokuu 2018 | Meeting Delegates
"Great guides and extremely helpful information! Hotel was outstanding".
Toukokuu 2018 | Event Group
"All very enjoyable, as we expected! Looking forward to our next visit to Finland".
Toukokuu 2018 | Tour Group
"Our guide was a wonderful coordinator. She went out of her way to help us when my husband lost his passport and visa. She was helping us feel good when we were stressed. She made our visit to Finland exceptional. The train ride to St. Petersberg was great!"
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